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Erecting Better Futures

Wysan Precast Services is your premier precast installer. No matter the size or location of the precast project, Wysan is here to help erect better futures for your company.

Delivering unmatched quality at a competitive price is of the utmost importance to Wysan Precast Services. Wysan’s team of professionals have perfected the product and process to ensure the project is done right and on time, every time.

Wysan Precast Services

Fixed on the goal of being the industry leader in the precast concrete installation business, Wysan uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide a superior end product. Along with the advanced equipment, comes a commitment to quality from each of the Wysan team members. Each project is completed to perfection, as if they were erecting their own homes.

Paul Nelson P.E., Vice President of Wysan Precast Services, leads a team of professionals with decades of combined experience. The team possess a skill set that allows them to quickly erect precast buildings and structures without errors or significant time lapses. Wysan also takes pride in its relationships built in the construction industry which includes developers, architects, contractors, engineers and more.

Wysan Precast Services handles erection of all building structure precast components including hollowcore, columns, beams, double tees, walls and more.


The activities carried out on-site often include some or all of the following:
  • Follow and enforce safety standards outlined by Wysan and the general contractor along with following all OSHA standards
  • Building layout to assure proper placement of the precast
  • Following through with the engineered bracing plans provided by Wysan Engineers. Including installation of temporary helical piers used as the bracing foundation.
  • Ensuring the crane is setup and configured to the engineered lift plans provided by Wysan Engineers
  • Provide certified crane signal and crane rigging personnel to guide the precast in to place safely
  • Weld all connections with certified welding personnel per erection drawings
  • Foreman stay in close communication with precast engineer of record if anything is different than shown on the erection drawings
  • Schedule work with other trades for safety and efficiency for the whole team
  • Install grout per plans with either a grout bucket or grout pump
  • Install the caulking and patching required for a finished product
  • Wysan also offers specialty equipment and lifting devices when they are required for that unique project


During the construction process, safety is a key concern of Wysan. Our company adheres to the highest safety standards in the industry. Before beginning work on each project, our team performs a risk assessment on the project site. The information revealed by the visit acts as a guide for erection methodology and general procedures for the project. One of the most important goals is to maintain the health of our team members, associates and the general public.

Wysan Precast Services has positioned themselves to construct a superior product at a competitive price.

Located just outside of Hawley, Minnesota, Wysan is perfectly located to effectively service the Midwest region and beyond.

Concrete Precast Services

Our team of construction professionals is dedicated to providing you with the skills and services required to complete your precast concrete structure to the highest industry standards and your unique specifications.

Wysan Precast Services has experience in building just about any type of precast concrete building structure. This includes, but is not limited to the following:



Commercial Buildings


Residential Buildings










Incarceration Facilities


Parking Structures

industrialwarehouse 1

Industrial Warehouses

Some of the precast concrete installation and erection services offered by Wysan Precast.

  • Hollowcore panels
  • Double Tee panels
  • Structural beams
  • Structural columns
  • Wall panels
  • Spandrel panels
  • Architectural column covers

Wysan Precast Services Crane

Wysan Precast Services is your premier precast installer.
We offer a full suite of crane services along with professional engineered crane lift plans for our customers.

We are uniquely positioned in the erection industry to have our own cranes and staff to service many different types of projects for our clients. This means that we have the ability to control more of the erection process from beginning to end and offer a better value to our customers.

Lance Baker

Wysan Crane Manager
[email protected]
cell: 701.261.1216
office: 218.233.3141
fax: 218.233.3142

Crane Shop-Office Address:

Wysan Crane Service
2225 Main Ave. SE
Moorhead, MN 56560

Liebherr LTM1400 7.1

  • 500 ton capacity
  • 197 FT main boom
  • 276 FT lattice jib
  • 427 Ft tip height
  • 308,000 LB Counterweights


Grove GMK 6350

  • 350 Ton Capacity
  • 197’ main boom
  • 200′ Luffing Jib
  • 193′ Fixed Jib
  • 220,400 lbs. counterweight
  • 390’ Tip height
  • MEGALIFT Main Boom attachment
  • 350 Ton (Download Load Chart)

Grove GMK 5250L

  • 4 individual cranes available
  • 230′ Main Boom
  • 115’ Hydraulic Luffing Jib
  • 176,300 lbs. counterweights
  • 355’ Tip Height
  • 300 Ton (Download Load Chart)

Tadano ATF-220 G-5

  • 223′ Main Boom
  • 122’ Fixed Jib
  • 156,527 lbs. counterweight
  • 355’ tip height
  • 250 Ton (Download Load Chart)

Grove GMK 5210

  • 210 Ton Capacity
  • 197’ main boom
  • 125’ Jib
  • 138,800 lbs. counterweight
  • 325’ Tip height
  • 210 Ton (Download Load Chart)

Grove GMK 5165-2

  • 165 Ton Capacity
  • 197’ main boom
  • 105′ Hydraulic Luffing Jib – 0 to 40 degrees
  • 88,400 lbs. counterweight
  • 305’ Tip height
  • 165 Ton (Download Load Chart)

Link-Belt HTC 8690

Kobelco CK 2500-2

  • 300′ Main Boom
  • 100’ Fixed Jib
  • 250’ + 100’ Max main boom and Jib
  • 355’ Tip Height
  • 250 Ton (Download Load Chart)

Liebherr LTR1220 Hydraulic Crawler

  • 250 Ton Capacity
  • 197 FT main boom
  • 141 FT lattice jib
  • 331 FT tip height
  • 198,400 LB Counterweight


Parshall Lucky Mound

Bongards Creameries

Adams Prest Control

Valley Queen Dairy

First Avenue

Bassett Creek

Anoka 911 Center

Bell Bank Ramp

Burning Hills Amphitheater Elevator Access Project

Burning Hills Amphitheater Elevator Access Project

FranceAve1 scaled

France Ave

FeedMill1 scaled

Willmar Feed Mill

S32RampMain1 scaled

Sheyenne 32 Ramp

MFmain1 scaled

Monticello Firestation

LOM Main1 scaled

Legends of Minnetonka




Sheyenne 32

DJI 0047

Detroit Lakes Water Treatment Plant

Wysan Precast Services


2225 Main Ave SE, Moorhead, MN 56560

 6189 170th St N, Hawley, MN 56549

PaulNelson crop e1535048502454

Paul Nelson P.E.
Vice President
[email protected]

Lance Baker
Crane Operations Manager
[email protected]

Scott Zachman
Lead Foreman
(701) 964-0550
[email protected]

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